Nestled in the Squamish mountains is an oasis named Watersprite. This day hike or overnight campsite is the ultimate adventure to finish off your summer.

Getting to Watersprite is a bit tricky. 4×4 vehicles with high clearance are recommended. Shockingly we did see some cars and luxury vehicles at the trailhead parking lot. However, I would not recommend attempting this hike without an appropriate car. Rocks are flying as you traverse the logging road, easily damaging a fancy car. There are also some hills and areas that you could find a smaller car stuck on and with limited cell service, this could be quite problematic.

To get to Watersprite, you first head to Squamish along the picturesque Sea to Sky Highway. Just past the turnoff for the Chief, turn right onto the Mamquam River Forest Service Road. I would recommend downloading a map from Google Maps or AllTrails as cell service becomes very limited in this area and the route is not fully obvious. We initially made a mistake, even with the map downloaded, continuing past an area with a fence. However, the correct route requires driving through the open fence. Don’t be fooled by this hike’s Squamish location, this service road adds 30-45 mins to your trip.

The trailhead offers an outhouse and some parking. However, spots can be limited so I would recommend arriving early in the day. We were there around 7:30am and luckily had no problem finding a spot.

The trail is surprisingly flat and for the most part, the path is quite clear. Beautiful views are the backdrop for the entirety of this hike. There are a few sections where you need to scramble over rock piles, but luckily these are not crazy steep. However, though the terrain may not be difficult, this is a long hike so it is very important to come prepared. Remember to bring the 10 essentials and plenty of water or tablets for purifying water (there were a few little streams when I ventured the trail).

When you reach the end, the view will truly take your breath away. In my opinion, diving into the alpine lake is a MUST. The water may be cold, but it is a refreshing treat for your tired muscles and for your soul.

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