Happy New Year! I received some requests that I post a blog about organization. Having once written a speech on the “beauty found within mess” and quoting a study that found mess garnered creativity, I could not help but laugh at the irony. Though I have gathered some strategies over the years to stay on top of my life, I also recruited my good friend, Carissa Suey ( aka the most organized person I know) to share her tips. Continue reading “Organization”

Edo Your Heart Out

Are you constantly busy and on the run? I sure am. From school, to consulting, to blogging, to working out, to volunteer volleyball coaching, to spending time with friends and family, my time is limited. I love to cook, but it requires a lot of time and energy, making it sometimes impossible. Finding quick, yummy and fresh meal options is always a score! When the opportunity arose to to collaborate with Edo Japan, I couldn’t wait to explore their offerings. Continue reading “Edo Your Heart Out”

Fall Bucket List

Fall is almost upon us. It doesn’t technically begin until September 22, but being back at school, the addition of pumpkin spice lattes to Starbucks’ menu and a wave of miserable weather, has prematurely foreshadowed its arrival.
Although I love watching Netflix and relaxing at home, my adventurous spirit gets antsy about forecasts of consistent rain. In summer there seems to endless things to do but in fall it is easy to creep into a slump. To make the most out of fall I’ve created a bucket list of fun activities.

Continue reading “Fall Bucket List”

Where to Eat Whistler: Quattro

Ryan and I had a delicious dinner at Quattro when we were in Whistler. Quattro is an Italian restaurant in Whistler Village ( it also has a sister location in North Vancouver). The restaurant has an elegant ambiance and Ryan and I were both impressed with the extensive wine list. Over the course of the evening, the manager/sommelier explained that the staff would be visiting Italy in the fall for some further wine research. At Quattro, they take their wine very seriously, ensuring a very high quality and high value selection.  Continue reading “Where to Eat Whistler: Quattro”

What to Do in Whistler: Vallea Lumina

Being from North Vancouver, Whistler has always been a popular vacation spot for my family and our friends. In the winter, the skiing is amazing and in the summer there is so much to explore. Typically I have participated in similar activities when I have visited, but this trip Ryan and I had the opportunity to do something completely new, Vallea Lumina. Continue reading “What to Do in Whistler: Vallea Lumina”

Theatre Under The Stars


I had a blast attending the Theatre Under the Stars 42nd Street Preview Event on Tuesday night with my friend Lina. We had the opportunity to meet the cast before the show as well as other bloggers/youtubers and actors. I had so much fun chatting with other like minded creatives. We enjoyed a complementary local wine tasting and some popcorn before heading to our seats to enjoy the show. Continue reading “Theatre Under The Stars”

How To Get To The Base of Brandywine Falls

To make the most of our long weekend, Hailey and I planned to hike Brandywine Falls. We invited my Mom for the adventure too and headed out Monday morning. Brandywine Falls is located in Whistler. I had been to the lookout before but never the hike to the base. The fact that the hike was all the way in Whistler had discouraged me a little bit. However, the drive is unparalleled in beauty and time passed by very quickly ( especially because we were listening to a podcast about America’s First Female Serial Killer, Hailey’s favourite!).  Continue reading “How To Get To The Base of Brandywine Falls”