Vancouver Hidden Gems: Bowen Island Lookout Trail

Vancouver Hidden Gems is a series that will highlight some of my favourite Vancouver spots for food, drinks, entertainment and more. 

Every week my friend Hailey and I try to go on at least one new adventure. One of our latest favourites was the Bowen Island Lookout Trail. This trail is located on Cypress mountain. I hadn’t been to Cypress since the winter and forgot how long it takes to drive up the mountain. Though the drive takes a while, it is incredibly scenic and definitely pumped me up for the hike!

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Vancouver Hidden Gems : Red Truck Beer Company

Vancouver Hidden Gems is a series that will highlight some of my favourite Vancouver spots for food, drinks, entertainment and more. 

Craft beer is becoming increasingly hip in Vancouver and breweries have become a new social gathering hub. Last week, Ryan and I visited the Red Truck Beer Company. Located in the vibrant, mural covered area of Mount Pleasant, and less than a ten minute walk from the skytrain, Red Truck is the perfect destination for grabbing a drink.

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Happiness 101

I recently listened to one of Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcasts. She interviewed positive psychologist, Shawn Achor. Shawn teaches the most popular course at Harvard, the happiness class. I found the podcast fascinating. Pursuing happiness is the human condition. Men and Women have been seeking the secret to happiness for centuries. Now, Shawn has the answers. I really recommend listening to the podcast, but if you don’t have time, here is a summary: Continue reading “Happiness 101”

The Weather Outside is Frightful….

We may not have snow yet in Vancouver but the constant rain sure is a downer.  So many cute dates – at least by instagram’s standards take place outdoors. I know a little water won’t make me melt, but my boyfriend, friends and family all beg to differ. Here are some of my favourite indoor date activities that allow you to stay warm and cozy while having a blast: Continue reading “The Weather Outside is Frightful….”

No More Bad Days

We’ve all had them. Sometimes they creep up on you in a chronological frenzy: over sleeping your alarm, resulting in a missed breakfast, resulting in a Starbucks run, resulting in the unfortunate fate of being late for your class/meeting because you bumped into someone and are now covered in coffee, resulting in a forgotten presentation, resulting in the remembrance of your fear of public speaking, resulting in a painful flashback from your grade five spelling bee and a flash flood of every insecure thought that has crossed your mind. Continue reading “No More Bad Days”