Discovher is based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada and founded by Annalise MacDonald.

I am a lover of adventures, sunny days (although the rain can be cozy too!) and smiles. I see the importance of big moments and the little ones too! Time is precious and through photography and writing, I wish to preserve it.

Having grown up on the North Shore, I am a west coast girl through and through. I absolutely love to travel but the ocean is my home.

I am on a constant quest to discover the beauty of our world. It is everywhere: nature, music, art, food, laughter and more. My love of photography and writing stems from this desire to share the wonder that surrounds us and bring joy to others.

I also love meeting new people- yes I am that stranger who will ask you about your day in an elevator.  Working collaboratively with other creative individuals is always a dream,  please don’t be afraid to say hi! ❤



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