The Ultimate Summer BBQ Salad Recipe

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I share this recipe after I’ve eaten this salad for the third time this week. It’s an refreshing and easy to make meal or side that epitomizes summer.


⁃ 1 red pepper

⁃ 2 mushrooms

⁃ 1 corn on the cob

⁃ 1 zucchini

⁃ 1 peach

⁃ 1 avocado

⁃ Strawberries

⁃ Cherry tomatoes

⁃ Blueberries

⁃ Arugula

⁃ Burrata

⁃ 1 lemon

⁃ 2 cloves of garlic

⁃ Fresh basil or mint leaves

⁃ Olive oil

⁃ Salt & pepper to taste

⁃ Optional: 1 tsp of garlic powder

⁃ Optional: 1 tsp of dried parsley


1. Cut the pepper and zucchini into large chucks. These chunks can be made much smaller later, but for now, larger chunks will be easier to bbq.

2. Optional: in a bowl mix the chunks of veggies and mushrooms with garlic powder, dried parsley, olive oil, salt, pepper & any other dried herb to taste.

3. Place all the mushrooms, chunks of veggies and the corn on the cob onto the bbq. They will cook quickly. When one side has slightly browned, flip the veggies.

4. Remove the veggies when they are cooked on both sides. Place them in the fridge to cool.

5. Chop and grill the peach momentarily on the bbq. Set it into the fridge as well.

6. Chop the cherry tomatoes, strawberries, avocado and fresh herb of choice.

7. Once the veggies and peach have cooled, cut the chunks into smaller salad appropriate sized pieces. Slice the corn off of the cob.

8. Combine all fruits and veggies into a large bowl

9. Dressing: Crush 2 garlic cloves in a small bowl. Add 3 parts lemon juice and 1 part olive oil, salt & pepper and mix.

10. Add the salad dressing.

11. The arugula and burrata can be added to each serving plate rather than the large bowl to preserve leftovers. If you are unable to find burrata, boccocini or goat cheese can work as a substitution, or simply no cheese at all! Serving it with steelhead or salmon is a delicious and fresh combination.

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