This year has flown by, I swear the next time I blink it will be Christmas morning. One of my favourite parts of the holiday season is finding and giving perfect presents. Here are some of my favourite gift ideas, click on the pictures to learn more:

For The Cozy Fashionista: 

I find it really hard to buy actual clothes for others. We all have different body types and it can be difficult to tell what something will look like on. Here are a few ideas instead:

For the Chef/ Baker: 

Anthropologie sells my favourite kitchenware. They have so many creative and artistic patterns. Plus, if you are shopping for someone practical, these gifts are all useful!

For The Traveler:

  • Herschel set: This set folds up nice and small, perfect for the space limited traveller. It is probably something they would not buy for themselves, but would really enjoy being treated with.
  • Carry on cocktail kit: A little on the pricey side, but oh so cute!
  • Luggage scale: Again, perfect for the practical people in your life.
  • Herschel suitcase: Now that special someone can travel in style!
  • S’well:  I have had a bottle for years and I love it so much. I still taking it with me everywhere! It never spills and keeps my water really cold. Having multiple bottles is nice because then you can also have one for hot, flavoured drinks, like coffee.
  • Road soda: I love how this set includes a recipe book, as well as the cocktail canteen, talk about cute!

The Self-Care Enthusiast/ Someone Who deserves Pampering:

  • Saje: diffusers, essential oils, roll on oils…. you can’t go wrong!
  • DIY bath bombs:  creativity + relaxation = score!
  • North Shore from Vancouver Candle Co: my favourite candle ever ( and not just because I’m from North Van), it smells amazing!
  • Fast & Free Lululemon Leggings: these are my absolute favourite! They are great for workouts and lounging.
  • Yoga mat: Have you ever seen one this cute?
  • Blanket: Cute & cosy
  • Slippers: Again, cute & cosy!!
  • Gratitude journal: they say gratitude is the key to happiness so you’re basically giving the best gift ever!
  • Snowshoes: walking in a winter wonderland is very peaceful!

The Sentimentalist/ Experientialist :

A lot of my friends seem to have “present wars” with their partners. Each year they try to out-do the other person. If you are  dating long term, this can get pretty pricey real fast! I know the old saying “It’s the thought that counts” is cheesy to the max, but it is true. For me personally, my favourite gifts I have received from Ryan have been the ones that are the most meaningful. Experiential gifts are the best! Here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank. Some of these are for significant others, but most of them are also great for friends and family:

  • Plan dates for each other. What would your significant other’s ideal day/night look like? Ryan’s would definitely incorporate sports and beer. Last year I took him on brewery tours/tastings around Main Street and a hockey game. Ryan brought Paris to Vancouver, getting me a lock so that we could attach it to a bridge and throw the key out to sea after a nice dinner.
  • Picture frame with photo of you both. Homesense is a great option for finding cute and low priced frames. Costco also can print your photos onto a canvas if that is more your style.
  • “Read me when…” letters. Indigo sells a variety from love letters to letters to your future self. You could also make a DIY version!
  • Spa day! I can’t recommend the pools at the Scandinave Spa in Whistler enough! I have been with both Ryan and my family, everyone loved it
  • Concert/Sports Game tickets
  • Tourist your own city
  • Ski pass

The Gamer:

All of these games are a blast! Games like What? fall on the sultry side. Wizard and sequence are great for all ages.

The Alcohol Enthusiast :

  • Gin making kit
  • Brewery/Winery Tour

I hope this list helps with your Christmas shopping! I wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

-Annalise ❤

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