Are you constantly busy and on the run? I sure am. From school, to consulting, to blogging, to working out, to volunteering, to spending time with friends and family, my time is limited. I love to cook, but it requires a lot of time and energy, making it sometimes impossible. Finding quick, yummy and fresh meal options is always a score! When the opportunity arose to collaborate with Edo Japan, I couldn’t wait to explore their offerings.

Edo Japan is a Calgary born fast food restaurant with locations all over Canada. I had the opportunity to visit the Pacific Centre location here in the heart of Vancouver. This spot is prime for refuelling after a shopping trip, grabbing a quick lunch if you’re working downtown, over even as takeout. My friend Hailey and I decided to have a girls night and took our food to-go.

I am a vegetarian and was impressed with the variety of options available to me. We ordered the veggie noodle meal, teriyaki veggie rice bowl, avocado rolls, a cucumber roll, dynamite roll, edamame, spring rolls and yam tempura ( yes this was a feast, giving us lot’s of yummy leftovers!).

The bowls both came with plenty of really fresh, vibrantly coloured vegetables. We were even able to opt for brown rice with the rice bowl. I really appreciated how the meals were not drenched with sauce or greasy at all, which is a concern I often face when ordering asian fast food. We had the opportunity to watch the chefs cook the food in front of us, adding an element of fun to the experience but also transparency. We knew exactly what was being added to the veggie bowls and therefore what we would be eating.

Our major indulgences were the spring rolls and yam tempura. The spring roll was classic and very tasty. The yam tempura was my favourite food item we tried. It was served with a sriracha mayo dipping sauce, and was really delicious!

I loved that Edo offered edamame on the menu. Edamame is a great health snack or protein source ( especially for vegetarians!) and a safe bet as it is usually consistent in taste across different restaurants. Edo’s version did not disappoint and I would order it again for sure!

Finally, the sushi was delicious and featured large chunks of veggies. I was unable to try the dynamite roll due to my dietary restrictions, but my friend Hailey raved about it! The sushi makes a great meal option or appie for bringing to a party.

It can be difficult to find fresh and healthy meals in a food court, but I was pleasantly surprised with all of Edo’s options. Everything was very yummy! Edo has so many great choices and customization options, you really can’t go wrong! Try it for yourself and let me know what you think! #EdoYourHeartOut

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