Fall is almost upon us. It doesn’t technically begin until September 22, but being back at school, the addition of pumpkin spice lattes to Starbucks’ menu and a wave of miserable weather, has prematurely foreshadowed its arrival.
Although I love watching Netflix and relaxing at home, my adventurous spirit gets antsy about forecasts of consistent rain. In summer there seems to endless things to do but in fall it is easy to creep into a slump. To make the most out of fall I’ve created a bucket list of fun activities.

    1. Pumpkin Patch: My mom insists she took me to them as a child, but my lack of memories and the lack of physical evidence (pictures) has caused me to forge my own cliche fall ritual (or maybe it’s just my love of taking pictures…). Yes this is a weather dependent activity which may create some obstacles, but pumpkins are the epitome of fall and a great excuse to get out of the city and enjoy the crisp autumn air.
    2. Bloedel Conservatory: Visiting the conservatory is definitely high on my bucket list! Not only is it a great spot to take insta-worthy pictures and see interesting plants, it’s also a perfect opportunity for bringing a taste of summer back into your life as the weather gets continually more depressing.
    3. Wine and Paint Night: I have participated in wine and paint nights with friends, both at studios ( The Luminous Elephant) and at homes/offices. They are always a blast! It’s a perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity. In my experience, everyone’s artwork has turned out beautifully. I usually go for abstract because it’s a pretty hard to mess up! Plus, even if you are not the most artistic, it’s hard to not have fun when wine is involved.
    4. DIY: Continuing with the artistic theme, there are a few DIY projects I can’t wait to try this fall. The first is macrame. I love the look of the macrame wall hanging decor and would love to make my own. Another project I can’t wait to try is making candles. I use store bought candles constantly, especially in the fall when I want to feel extra cozy and relaxed. Making my own is definitely a sustainable and money saving alternative. Finally, I think it would be really fun to make some homemade booze. I bought my dad a gin making kit for Christmas and we still haven’t had a chance to use it. You can find them here.
    5. Wine/Beer Tasting: Maybe you can see a common theme emerging. I definitely appreciate a great glass of wine. In Vancouver there are tons of local breweries and even a few wineries than can be enjoyed rain or shine.
    6. Themed Bars: Another fun activity is going to interesting bars. In Montreal Ryan and I went to a jazz bar. It was so much fun, I can’t wait to discover a local version. Karaoke is also on my bucket list, as well as unleashing my competitive spirit at a board game bar. I’ve been to a board game cafe in Victoria but not yet a bar. I would suggest going with a group of around 4 people as that is a typically suitable number for most games.
    7. Cooking Class: I am definitely a foodie and love to cook. I am always up to learn more and expand my skillset! The options I have come across in Vancouver thus far have been incredibly expensive. I’m thinking of broadening my search to the Fraser Valley ( if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!).
    8. Book Club: if you’re on a tight budget this fall, starting a book club with your friends is the perfect activity. I’m excited to discover some great new literature and spend time with friends.
    9. Daily Gratitude Journal: Fall is a time for being thankful. The weather ( especially in Vancouver) can be very depressing. Fight the eternal greyness back with a positive mindset. Reflecting each day on a few things you are grateful is extremely uplifting. 
    10. Planetarium: There is something completely magical about stars. Saturday nights in Vancouver, Planetarium Shows run at 7:30 and 9:00 PM. The Observatory is also open Saturday nights from 7:00-11:00 PM. Be sure to visit on a clear night, ensuring optimal visibility of the night. Find more info here. 
    11. Aquarium: Ryan and I attended the Aquarium After Hours last February and had such a great time! After Hours is an adult only viewing of the Aquarium with a few extra bonuses. If you can’t attend After Hours, going during the normal hours is still a very fun excursion. More information about After Hours can be found here.
    12. Apple Picking: Apple picking is an activity I have yet to try but would love to add to my yearly traditions. I have heard Taves Family Farm in Abbotsford is the place to visit. Enjoying delicious apples, taking cute pictures, what is not to love?!
    13. Corn Maze: Another fall activity I have never tried is a corn maze. I am very excited to try it and think I will have to make a whole day out of going to the Fraser Valley! 
    14. Fondue: Cheese and chocolate are two of my favourite foods. Melted? Count me in! A fondue date with friends or a significant other is a yummy indulgence. I would definitely recommend hitting up Burgoo for a savoury version ( for special occasions they also sometimes release a chocolate fondue).
    15. Haunted House: Screaming your head off is always an essential fall activity. Whether you are squeezing the hand of a significant other so hard it might fall off or pushing your friends in front of you as monster bait, haunted houses are a must. Fright night at the PNE can be fun but quite pricey. I would recommend checking out local haunted houses around the city. These houses are typically pretty unique and low cost ( under $10) admittance.   Fall represents change. I know for many of us ( myself included), change can be something a lot scarier than any Halloween ruse. Change is necessary for our survival and evolution. It’s easy to want to resist it. But this year, my goal is to embrace it, because change can also be pretty amazing.

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