Ryan and I had a delicious dinner at Quattro while we were in Whistler. Quattro is an Italian restaurant in Whistler Village ( it also has a sister location in North Vancouver). The restaurant has an elegant ambiance and Ryan and I were both impressed with the extensive wine list. Over the course of the evening, the manager/sommelier explained that the staff would be visiting Italy in the fall for some further wine research. At Quattro, they take their wine very seriously, ensuring a very high quality and high value selection.

To start, we shared the antipasto plate accompanied by some lovely prosecco. The cheese was beautiful and the smoked salmon melted in our mouths. The salmon is smoked in house and is probably some of the best smoked salmon I’ve ever tasted. There were so many different things to try, it was a very fun appetizer.

For mains, I tried the home-made gnocchi and Ryan had their most popular dish, named after the restaurant and described as, “Spaghetti Quattro: For Italians only”. This spaghetti features chicken, black beans and fresh herbs. It is a seemingly unusual combo for an Italian dish in North America, but according to the staff, once it has been eaten, cravings at a later date will ensue. Ryan agreed that it was very tasty and managed to eat the entire heaping plate. My pasta was good as well. The sauce was fresh tasting, with plenty of yummy basil.

We took our time to digest all of the wonderful food and finish our wine before moving onto dessert.

As with the rest of the food, the third course was very delicious. We essentially had a lava cake (one of my favourite desserts) with fresh raspberries, ice cream and flavourful sauces. It was safe to say that Ryan and I were both in a food coma after this impressive meal.

If you’re going to be in Whistler, Quattro is a great dining option. As well as offering flavourful food, the service was is also exceptional. Learn more about Quattro here.

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