*This post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Ouai.*

For my birthday this year, one of my close friends Maya gave me an Ouai kit. She had the fun suggestion that I blog about the product. I loved her idea as I had seen Ouai all over Instagram but was excited to see for myself if the product was worth all of the hype.

Here is the kit she got me:

It included dry shampoo, Wave Spray, Rose Hair + Body Oil and a cute barrette.

I tested out the Wave Spray. I have been using it with my other usual products, but for the purpose of this blog I used the wave spray on its own.

Here is my hair dried naturally( no heat) and no product:

Here is my hair dried naturally( no heat), with the Ouai Wave Spray:

Though the change is not drastic, I do see a definite difference. My waves are more defined and beachy after using the spray. I think the most noticeable difference is my ends. My hair will become extra wavy like this after swimming in the ocean. However, this spray is so much nicer because my hair stays really soft and is not tangled. Overall, I would say “Yes Ouai” ( yes, I googled it and it is pronounced “way”) and recommend the Ouai products. There is substance and results behind the pretty packaging and social media buzz.

❤ Annalise



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