Vancouver Hidden Gems : Red Truck Beer Company

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Vancouver Hidden Gems is a series that will highlight some of my favourite Vancouver spots for food, drinks, entertainment and more. 

Craft beer is becoming increasingly hip in Vancouver and breweries have become a new social gathering hub. Last week, Ryan and I visited the Red Truck Beer Company. Located in the vibrant, mural covered area of Mount Pleasant, and less than a ten minute walk from the skytrain, Red Truck is the perfect destination for grabbing a drink.

The Red Truck Beer Company has a full scale brewery located on the premises as well as the “Truck Stop”. The Truck Shop serves beer, burgers and more. The atmosphere was lively, welcoming and fun. 

Yes as expected, there were hipsters in felt hats and with long beards. However, there were also plenty of your “typical Joes” who just enjoy delicious beer and having a great time. The large tables encourage conversation and the homey vibe (and likely the beer) creates smiles and friendliness.

The Truck Stop goes above and beyond, also offering live musical performances. The schedule of performers/times can be found here.

I loved how so much care had been taken in regards to details. Even the sinks in the bathroom were constructed from tires to match the theme. The staff members were very warm and the service was excellent. 

The brewery offers tours weekend afternoons. More information can be found here .

It was really interesting to to see behind the scenes of how the beers are made and how the Red Truck theme and spirit are creatively woven throughout.

My favourite beer was the Blackberry Bourbon Ale but I would recommend getting a flight or two, allowing you to try them all!

I had a fantastic time at the Red Truck Beer Company and can’t wait to come back!

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