We may not have snow yet in Vancouver but the constant rain sure is a downer.  So many cute dates – at least by instagram’s standards take place outdoors. I know a little water won’t make me melt, but my boyfriend, friends and family all beg to differ. Here are some of my favourite indoor date activities that allow you to stay warm and cozy while having a blast:

  1. Art Gallery:  Impress your friends with your sophistication and worldliness by spending your evening at the art gallery ( though really you will spend half your time contemplating what it would take for you to draw a line on a blank canvas and it be worth millions.). Ryan and I have come on a few dates here and we always have so much fun. The exhibitions change quite regularly and fun fact, entrance on Tuesday nights is by donations!
  2. Movie Night: I know what you are thinking, what a lame and totally unoriginal suggestion. I can stay home and watch a movie in my PJs. However, I think going to the movies is completely under rated. I always forget how much fun going to the theatre is until I go. This week Ryan and I saw Wonder. I don’t think I have ever cried so much in a movie. It was such a lovely story and Ryan really enjoyed it too. Be sure to check it out!
  3. Go for a drink:  There are so many cool bars in Vancouver. One of my absolute favourites is Prohibition. This 1920’s themed bar is very cute and when I went there was a pianist playing jazz. It has such a unique atmosphere and I am sure you will have a great time!
  4.  Skating: The Robson Square ice rink opens December 1st. It is covered with a glass roof,  so you don’t need to worry about getting wet. Though the rink is  pretty small, it is definitely a fun outing. I know my skating inabilities definitely provide some comedic relief for Ryan.
  5. Bake/Cook: A few weeks ago Ryan and I made homemade pizza and cookie dough cheesecake bars from scratch. Ryan took over most of the baking as apparently my measurement skills are not up to his meticulous baking standards (LOL). It was pretty messy, but we had tons of fun and very yummy food!
  6.  Netflix: If you really can’t bare to face the elements at all, Netflix is by far the coziest option. Watching a show with another person really allows you to take a closer look and identify how strong your relationship is. If you don’t cheat and watch ahead, you know you’ve got real trust. My favourite show right now is This is Us. It is such a well rounded and well done show that reflects many different yet relatable perspectives. It is funny, sad and heartwarming.  If you haven’t seen it, GO WATCH IT NOW .

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