If you read the book The Outsiders in High School or  ever listened to some Nelly Furtado, you know that  “Nothing gold can stay” and ” All good things come to an end”.  Now, I’m not sure I totally agree with this rather dark line of thinking, but it does help make my point. Whether we are actually mentally able to admit it or not, summer is coming to an end.

This weekend I hiked the Chief in Squamish.  I had a great time, but the downpour of rain that welcomed our group at the top was definitely a reality check. Summer is not endless – at least not in Vancouver.

Don’t worry, fall isn’t creeping up as fast as Starbucks can whip up pumpkin spice lattes and you still have time for a local outdoorsy adventure hoorah before we are swallowed up into infinite rain clouds. Why not end the summer off with something epic?

My first suggestion is to explore Granite Falls. Located at the end of Indian Arm, this campsite is water access only. Now I know what you’re thinking; you don’t have a boat, and that it is a totally inconvenient location. Well, that bad attitude can take a hike…. or rather a kayak. That’s right, you can kayak all the way up to the end of Indian Arm! It’s a long trip but you can rent kayaks in Deep Cove and when you return, treat yourself to a Honey’s (maple)donut ( aka best donut on the planet).

Though I have only ventured by powerboat, traveling to Granite Falls is gorgeous. Mountains paint the horizon and sea is calm but very much alive.  It is an opportunity to be in the wild and experience the surroundings  from another perspective. Keep an eye out for this hidden waterfall on the way:

When you reach the end of the arm, there is a public dock and a couple of private marinas as well as the Wigwam Inn. Wigwam is very old and has a colourful history. It is rumoured to previously have been a casino and brothel. Now it is a (haunted) private hotel owned by Royal Van Yacht club.

( Source: City of Vancouver Archives)

Granite Falls is beautiful. You get to trade your cellphone’s relaxing water sounds ( and cell service) for the real deal. The waterfall is enormous and culminates in a pool you can swim in ( if you want to catch hypothermia). There is a substantial beach and even a lighthouse ( fyi: there is some cell service here). The first time I camped here our tent was broken so I would 10/10 recommend double checking your supplies before leaving. However, the upside was we really got to sleep under the stars. Granite Falls may be a little off the beaten path but it should definitely be next on your bucket list. Look no further for your next #instaready pic and ultimate adventure.

If perhaps a full day kayak trip seems a bit ambitious, another much closer water access option is Twin Island. This island is very quaint and rustic.  It aligns with the wool socks and flannel camping aesthetic. Bonus: There is a lighthouse here too ( the base makes a decent beer pong table)!

My last end of summer getaway suggestion is Lindeman Lake. However long your google maps says it is, it feels A LOT longer. Lindeman can also be a great day trip, but if you are going to camp I would suggest bringing someone strong with you ( I brought my boyfriend Ryan).

( unedited iphone pic! ^)

In order to get to the lake, you have to hike and with all of your camping gear and depending upon how you tend to pack it can be a bit challenging. The hike itself is not too bad. It is a bit steep but not too long.

The top is absolutely amazing. It is like stumbling upon an oasis! The water is clearer and brighter in colour than the pictures indicate, to the point that it does not look real. I could go on and on and on ….but you really need to see for yourself. The stars are mesmerizing. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back!!

You can’t go wrong with any of these adventures or any adventure really! Stop thinking of reasons you are too busy and as Nike would say, ” Just do it”. Make the most of this last bit of sunshine.

❤ Annalise





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